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Sunday 2nd to Monday 3rd April 2023

Sunday 2nd.  A developing anticyclone brought a day of light NNE'ly winds, warm sunshine and scattered Cumulus, with 26 ATs off runway 02, 14 of which resulted in flights of over 30 minutes, with 6 in excess of an hour although nobody went cross country.  All three Astirs were flown and the 2 seater fleet […] Read More...

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Friday 31st March to Saturday 1st April 2023

Friday 31st.  A depression, slowly tracking eastwards over the southern part of the UK, kept the site in a moderate, cool and damp NNE'ly flow, the low overcast adding to the conditions that meant no flying.  Saturday 1st April.  The depression had tracked into the southern North Sea, with the wind now a moderate N'ly […] Read More...

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