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Wednesday 4th November 2020

Wednesday 4th.  An extending Azores anticyclone gave a dry, sunny and light wind day at Sutton and even some thermal activity early to mid afternoon.  The light wind was principally from  the NNW but the operating runway was 24 although there were a few landings on 02.  Pawnee Tango Mike and Eurofox Oscar Foxtrot shared […] Read More...

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Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Tuesday 3rd.  A light S'ly opened the day with the first launch at around 0930 hrs off runway 24, the club being busy prior to the expected shut down of operations from  Thursday when the  lock down in England starts due to rapidly increasing Covid 19 infection rates.  Some of the early launches contacted weak […] Read More...

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Thursday 29th October to Monday 2nd November 2020

Thursday 29th.  A dull and wet day with rain from 0930 hrs into the evening meant a  non flying day, the wind starting off as a light to  moderate SE'ly and veering into the SW and increasing to moderate to fresh later. Friday 30th.  A light to moderate WSW'ly wind blew all day under cloudy […] Read More...

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