First year introductory membership

First year introductory membership

A great introductory offer, providing you with one year of full-flying membership and 15 flights within the package price.

Only £520.00+ P&P

Have a first flight

A first flight experience is a great way to try something new and experience the delights of soaring flight, or maybe you’d just like to take in the view!

Only £99.50+ P&P

Join the ‘mile high’ club

Fly one mile high with us!
One mile high is 5,280ft (1,609m) above sea level. You can view the beautiful Vale of York from high above!

Only £199.00+ P&P

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is an adventure sport for people from age 14 up into their 90's. It offers the purest flying experience, with pilots reading the weather and using up-drafts to soar the skies, often for hours at a time. It is also probably the most affordable way to learn to fly due to the fact that gliding clubs are mostly volunteer run organisations; which also makes soaring a very friendly and social sport. Modern gliders are sleek, hi-tech and fast machines built from state-of-the-art materials. Unaided, they can be flown for hundreds of miles, climb two miles high or more, and perform stunning aerobatic displays.

The Yorkshire Gliding Club was founded in 1934, by a group of pioneering aviators seeking to understand the potential of powerless flight. Today, we are dedicated to providing high-quality training and facilities, affirming our position as the best soaring club in the North of England. Whether you're looking for your first glider flight experience, or you're all set and ready to learn to fly - we offer professional, friendly instruction guided by our national sporting body, the British Gliding Association.

To get a feel for our sport and our club, watch our videos, and explore our website to find out more about why we love what we do - and we think you will too.

You can also sign up to our mailing list to learn more about gliding, and stay up to date with the adventures of those who fly from Sutton Bank.

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Friday 9th to Tuesday 13th November 2018

Friday 9th.  The cloudy and damp ESE’ly flow, which was moderate to fresh at times.  continued to plague the site with cloud, low enough at times to shroud the hill and always low enough to prevent any flying. Saturday 10th.  The wind had declined to become a light to moderate SE’ly which slowly backed into […]

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Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th November 2018

Tuesday 6th.  The cloud filled, murky and moderate ESE’ly flow continued, keeping the site in cloud for some of the day and keeping the gliders and tugs in the hangars for all of it. Wednesday 7th.   The only changes to the weather were a strengthening of the ESE’ly wind, this becoming moderate to fresh wiht […]

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Sunday 4th to Monday 5th November 2018

Sunday 4th.  A light to moderate ESE’ly blew all day as a weak front made slow progress eastward over the UK, its low cloud and associated poor visibility meaning it was a no-flying day for the visiting Juniors and members.  Clearing skies after lunch raised some hopes of flying but the improvement was brief and […]

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