Motorglider Experience

We are pleased to be able to offer a first flight experience in our motor glider; which is capable of launching and sustaining itself using its engine, like a conventional aircraft.

Few things can top the experience of a glider flight, and we recommend that pathway for anyone who wants the real gliding experience, or who might want to learn to fly for themselves. We do however understand that some people may want to build up to it, especially if they haven’t flown in a small aircraft before.

Our motorglider is the perfect introduction to flying in a light aircraft; with a side-by-side seating configuration and a more conventional way of getting airborne. It also guarantees a good view of the White Horse and surrounding area, even on days where the weather might otherwise prove challenging for a first flight in a glider.

If you are already a glider or power pilot, you may consider joining our club exclusively to learn to fly the motorglider and have use of it.

A first flight experience in the motorglider will cost £150 for around 20 minutes flight time. We only offer motorglider experiences by specific appointment and we can only book them at short notice, within 1-2 days,  at present.

Please call us to  discuss availability and arrange your flight on 01845 597 237.

Only £150+ P&P