Learn to fly

Whether you’re simply looking for the perfect form of escapism from everyday life, or at a career as an airline or military pilot, learning to fly a glider will give you a good set of skills and experience. The Yorkshire Gliding Club offers professional instruction in modern gliders seven days a week. During the summer, we hold ab-intio evenings for student pilots who would like to fly after the working day is done!

Have a first flight

A first flight over North Yorkshire is the perfect introduction to gliding. Take the controls or enjoy the view!

Only £120+ P&P

One-day gliding courses

Our one-day gliding courses are designed for people that would like to sample gliding in more detail than a first flight experience would allow.

Only £230+ P&P

Become a member

Your first year of full-flying membership of the Yorkshire Gliding Club, discounted for First Flight customers.

From £330+ P&P

Our simulator

Our state-of-the-art gliding simulator suite provides the opportunity for students, solo pilots and instructors to fly on days when we can’t contemplate getting anything out of the hanger, usually due to the weather!

Only £30.00+ P&P

OR you can join as a member, then turn up and fly whenever you like!