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Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th July 2021

Tuesday 6th.  After  a day of low cloud and rain as a depression crossed the UK, skies cleared around 1700 hrs, allowing the Tuesday evening group to start ATing off runway 24 into a light to moderate wind varying between NNW'ly and WSW'ly.  4 flights resulted, 3 in the DG500 and 1 in the Discus […] Read More...

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Friday 2nd to Monday 5th July 2021

Friday 2nd.  A light S'ly brought Cumulus filled skies and soaring opportunities that led to a number of cross countries and local soaring flights, 11 of the day's 16 launches off runway 24 providing flights ranging in duration from 4:26 to 31 minutes. Tasks involving TPs at the Tontine, Helmsley and Rufforth were popular, with […] Read More...

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Sunday 27th June to Thursday 1st July 2021

Sunday 27th.  An occluded front to the South of the site meant a cloudy day with a light ENE'ly wind.  With no lift available, the 10 ATs off runway 06 were all circuits in either K21 JVZ or KLW, landings being on runway 02 and flight times in the range 8-13 minutes. Monday 28th.  A […] Read More...

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