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Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th October 2022

Tuesday 4th.  A mild, moderate to fresh SSW'ly was accompanied by a low overcast that eventually brought rain late afternoon, so  there was no flying. Wednesday 5th.  Tuesday's rain continued into Wednesday, lasting until around 1600 hrs to be followed by an abrupt change to sunny skies as the clearly defined back edge of the […] Read More...

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Sunday 2nd to Monday 3rd October 2022

Sunday 2nd.   The W'ly wind had become light to moderate, so  that while operations were still off runway 24, AT'ing was the launch method, this remaining the case when the wind veered into the NW later in the day. In spite of the lower wind speed, wave was still present and in fact for those […] Read More...

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Thursday 29th September to Saturday 1st October 2022

Thursday 29th.  A moderate and at times moderate to fresh NNE'ly brought in a few showers but didn't affect flying with a mixture of 10 ATs and 14 winch launches of runway 02.   The winch launches were courtesy of a Skylaunch winch on trial at site and gave 1500-1600' launches, but with little in the […] Read More...

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