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Thursday 8th to Friday 9th April 2021

Thursday 8th.  A moderate to fresh WSW'ly meant a day of winching at site with some wave for good measure.  14 launches off runway 24 led to a very mixed bag of flights with the majority of the first 9 being back of the ground in under 10 minutes.  The exceptions were Messrs   Toon in […] Read More...

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Friday 2nd to Wednesday 5th April 2021.

Friday 2nd.   Initially sunny skies gradually clouded in as a moderate, NNE'ly blew, operations being off runway 02. 10 ATs were flown, with 5 by private owners and the conditions resulted in 1 flight of over 30 minutes and an additional 5 flights of over an hour.   Four of the latter flights were by private […] Read More...

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Tuesday 30th March to Thursday 1st April 2021

Tuesday 30th.   A light to moderate/moderate SSW'ly brought a high of 19.9C to site plus Saharan dust, while thin  high cover meant a bright, not sunny day.  The conditions were to the liking of the club's instructors and experienced solo pilots,who, after the Covid imposed restrictions, were out in force to take advantage of the […] Read More...

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