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Friday 1st to Wednesday 6th November 2019

Friday 1st.  A moderate ESE'ly brought in a non-flying mixture of low cloud and rain, the latter amounting to 11.4 mm  and the former low enough to shroud the hill. Saturday 2nd.    After another 6 mm of rain overnight, the skies had completely cleared by briefing, so operations commenced just after 1000 hrs off […] Read More...

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Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st October 2019

Tuesday 29th.  Blue skies were in order to start the day, as a light to moderate NE'ly blew, leading to  operations off runway 02.  3/4 Octas of Cumulus and Stratocumulus developed later in the day, providing some lift that enabled Albert and Martin Newbery to have 2:32 in their DG1000t, during which time they visited […] Read More...

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