Wednesday 26th to Monday 1st July 2024

Posted: 01/07/2024 16:30

Wednesday 26th.  Log sheet data is awaited to fully report the day's flying.

Thursday 27th.  A  SE travelling cold front brought generally cloudy skies and lower temperatures, but the moderate WSW'ly also brought hill, thermal and wave lift with the day's 29 launches off runway 24, 26 via the winch, 2 ATs and a self launch, resulting in 21 flights of over 30 minutes, 17 of these being over an hour. Clive Swain's 7:08 in his Kestrel, flown locally with a climb to 5,700' asl  was the longest of the day, while Bob Calvert's 8,400' asl in wave near Masham was the highest, with Fred Brown doing a cloud climb to 6,700' over the site.  Most of the soaring was done locally, with Ripon, Masham and Northallerton being the furthest anybody went, while for those utilising mainly hill lift,  Guy Hartland/Andrew Bedford explored the main westerly ridge as far north as Kepwick in K21 KLW with Tomer Altman in Astir DSU going further north to Black Hambleton. 

Friday 28th.  The WSW'ly had veered into the W staying moderate, so it was another winching day with 20 launches off runway 24.  Lift in the form of hill, thermal and wave was again used, all but 2 of the day's launches leading to flights in excess of 30 minutes, the vast majority of these, 16. being over an hour.   Cloud base rose to around 4,500' asl, with average peak climb rates around 3.5-4,0 kts but the majority of pilots stayed local.  Bill Payton/ex CFI Andy Parish were not in this group as the flew Bill's DG1000 and used hill lift and thermal to soar the west and north facing escarpment of the North Yorks Moors to 3km SE of Guisborough and then Danby before returning to site via Thirsk, although an engine burn was required to recover from a low point in Ingleby bowl. Fred Brown in his Ventus 2ct and Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct, both had 2-3 hrs of local hill/thermal soaring before contacting wave in the Tontine area.  Fred took a cloud climb to 7,300' asl  over site and then flew N to the Tontine area where a wave climb to 10,400' asl resulted, Fred visiting Northallerton before returning to site.  Bob took a brief engine burn to contact the wave and eventually climbed to 10,000' asl visiting RAF Leeming, the Richmond area and Ripon before getting to within 4.5 km of Wetherby South and then returning home.  Bob reported the wave improving as thermal activity died and provided the following photo of instability over the Dales.


Those flying club gliders also made the most of the conditions,  with Tomer Altman going north to the Tontine area in Astir DSU and climbing to 4,400' asl and Sarah Stubbs had 1:39 in Astir DPO. The 2 seaters were also not excluded, with  Ian MacFarlane having two > an hour flights, with first Mark James and then later Julia Noble, the flight with Mark being generally hill soaring based but included finding a little bit of wave near Boltby  while the second with Julia was also mainly hill soaring based with multiple trips to High Paradise farm. 

Saturday 29th.  A weak front brought low cloud and rain on a light to moderate WSW'ly that slowly veered into the WNW.  The only flying activity was a single Falke flight as the conditions improved slightly mid afternoon.

Sunday 30th.  Overcast skies and a light to moderate WNW'ly wind resulted in a flying but barely soarable day, the day's 8 ATs off runway 24 only resulting in 1 flight of close to 30 minutes, the 29 minutes by Dave McKinney/Chris Steelward? in K21 KLW, being aided by a weak thermal climb.  4 First Flight pupils were flown and the Falke had 3 flights, the 1st an O/R to Pickering, the 2nd an O/R to Haxby, just north of York and the 3rd a local flight with a number touch and go landings.

Monday 1st July.  A light to moderate WSW'ly blew, bringing in progressively lower cloud and bits and pieces light rain and drizzle, with flying coming to a halt around midday due to the low cloud base.  The day's AT total of 6 off runway 24 included 2 for First Flight pupils, with a single flight over 30 minutes, 37 minutes being achieved by Bruce Grain/Mark Mayatt-Symmonds in K21 JVZ, as they soared the main bowl at 600-800' QFE.  Ian MacFalane's 21 minutes with one of the day's First Flight Pupils in KLW also used the main bowl ridge after their truncated AT to 1400' QFE, but this time at 400-600' QFE.        

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