Saturday 6th July 2024

Posted: 09/07/2024 12:27

Saturday 6th.  The first day of Competition Enterprise saw the competitors set a Wimbledon themed task with pilots having to alternatively cross to TPs set north and south of an imaginary net centred on Sutton Bank.  Details of the task can be found on the Competition Enterprise Facebook page with results on  Launches were initially off runway 02 into a light NNW'ly wind, but later launches were off runway 24 as the wind strengthened to moderate and backed into the W.  The day's 11 ATs of Club flying  comprised 7 in K21s, with 4 of these for First Flight pupils, and 4 for private owners, with 7 flights exceeding 30 minutes of which 3 were over an hour, all in thermal lift which gave average peak rates of up to 4 kts.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct, Kelly Teagle in her ASW27 and Fred Brown in his Ventus 2ct were the > an hour pilots, with Bob having 3:55, Kelly 1:07 and Fred 1:17.  Fred did an O/R to Ripon but otherwise they all remained within 20 km of site, with Bob and Fred indulging in cloud climbs to 7,400' and 6,500' asl respectively.  Dave McKinney/Julian Hepburn had the longest 2 seater flight, their 54 minutes including a climb to 5,600' asl.  

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