Monday 7th to Tuesday 8th August 2017

Posted: 10/08/2017 16:36

Monday 7th.  All nineteen aerotows were performed by the Super Cub, prior to its visit to Bagby for its 150-hoiurs check in readiness for its duties at the YGC Northerns next week and the Pocklington two-seater competition the week after.


The longest club two-seater flight was by J. Norman and M. Bolton in the DG1000.  The longest, and only, flight in a club single-seater was timed at thirty five minutes and performed by Peter Guest in an Astir, after a check flight with John Taylor in a K21.


The DG1000t, flown solo by Bill Payton, claims the longest single-seater flight, with three hours eighteen minutes.



Tuesday 8th.  Rain!



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