Youth group flying

We work with youth groups to provide flying experiences for the next generation of aviators and engineers. We receive visits from Air Cadets, Army Cadets and Sea Cadets as well as organisations such as the Air League.

We will normally provide at least one dedicated instructor to a visiting group, depending on the size of the group we may ask several instructors to work with you throughout the day.

The instructor(s) will provide you all with a safety briefing, including a short safety video. They will show you around the glider and help you to get ready for your flight. You can take as many photos as you like and even film your flights! It's your day - enjoy it!

We're here to help and to make the day as enjoyable as possible for your entire group.

Interested? Contact the office on 01845 597237 or e-mail us to discuss the options, and tailor the programme for the day, to your requirements.

From £95.00+ P&P