Slingsby – Vintage Gliding Week

August 29th - Sept 5th, 2020

Come and join us for this end of season event!

Over many years Slingsby week has provided lots of great soaring opportunities, plus the chance to meet old friends, make new acquaintances and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside. All glider types are welcome, not just those made at the nearby Slingsby works.

The rally is run in a very informal way with a minimum of rules and regulations. Optional tasks are set when the weather is right; these are tailored to the performance of the old gliders. Prizes are awarded according to type of glider, pilot skills and on the whim of the rally organiser! Launching will be by aerotow (we use a Eurofox, which is ideally suited to the old and slow brigade) or on the winch when the wind is favourable. The ridges extend for several miles and provide safe hill soaring in light to moderate westerly winds. Its not unusual for visitors to experience hill, thermal and wave soaring during the rally. In the past few years, that has been the case on most days. The vintage gliders have soared the wave at heights up to 10,000', with pilots enjoying spectacular views from the North Sea coastline to the Pennines.

Facilities on site are excellent: Breakfast, snacks and lunches are served in the café, prepared by Liz and her helpers. Prices are very reasonable. Usually, we organise at least one “dining in night” giving the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the food, socialise and try their luck at a fiendish quiz which will test your aviation and general knowledge. The bar opens at the end of flying each evening. Caravans or tents are welcome with plenty of space for pitches quite close to the clubhouse facilities. The trailer park has plenty of room for all. The many pubs in the area offer a wide selection of pub food ranging from bar snacks to more posh restaurant meals. The members kitchen in the clubhouse is well equipped for self-catering and is available to all.

In addition to flying your own machines the club fleet of single seaters is available for suitably qualified visitors to fly or you can take a trip with one of our instructors to explore the area in either an ASK21, DG500 or DG1000. We look forward to your visit. Let us know if you would like more info. Please find the link to the entry form below.