Women Glide 2017 Spring Comp-ette


This year we'll be holding a Women Glide Spring 'Comp-Ette' in the North at Sutton Bank!

It's going to be a friendly women-only comp, along the lines of an inter-club league competition, where we'll fly for fun, but for real prizes! Men are welcome to come along too of course, but to fly hors-concours.

We'll run a variety of tasks depending on the experience of those who come along. Need your Silver Distance? Why not get it with us? Or an old hand at XC? Come and fly with us in lovely North Yorkshire... if we're lucky we will have the ridge and maybe, just maybe, some of our famous wave 🙂

We'll also have at least one two seater, with an XC instructor for those who are less experienced. You won't miss out!

Other highlights include:

Several local companies have kindly agreed to support us so that we can provide daily and weekend prizes. Our thanks go to them: Hill Aviation Insurance, North Yorkshire Sailplanes and RedKiteIT.

The official competition dates are the 10th and 11th of June 2017, however accommodation will be available for competitors and their crews from the 9th to the 12th. Please call the YGC office directly to book accommodation on 01845 59737.

Contact Kelly at kelly@ygc.co.uk to book in for the weekend... we look forward to seeing you there!