Learn to fly

Gliding is a very rewarding sport that provides an affordable method of learning to fly. Our qualified instructors give their time free of charge to take you through the tried and tested National Syllabus, leading towards your first solo flight. It’s all easier and less expensive than you might think.

Once you've “gone solo”, it doesn't stop there. There are activities and challenges which go on for ever, and the interest never ends! Whether you choose to soar away on adventurous cross-country flights, fly in competitions, achieve great heights, or just enjoy some gliding local to the airfield, it's entirely up to you.

Being a team sport based on volunteers, members turn up for the day to help run the operations, to enjoy flying, meet other members and discuss their experiences. Our daily operations are described here at Our Club. It is best to come to the Daily Briefing at 09.30 to hear the plans for the day, and make your requirements known.

Learning to glide is focussed on you. So put your name on the flying list, discuss with your instructor the training syllabus towards your first solo, and together tailor each lesson to your specific needs. You will find that there is great flexibility in the training programme in content and flying experiences. Whilst learning, you may take part in cross country flying and even aerobatics if you wish.

The Club is a very friendly and supportive place to be. We have a fantastic clubhouse with a restaurant and bar, where you can spend as much time as you like. Our members are also very friendly and are from all walks of life, and they will help you as much as they can.  Gliding is a team sport, especially on the ground, and members form great friendships.

In short, gliding in an all-round fulfilling experience. For many of our members, it's not just a hobby, but a way of life!

Ways of learning to fly

Most people who learn to fly with us have had a First Flight Experience, and found they were hooked! Your First Flight Experience comes with three month's Club Membership, which means that you can fly at Club member rates. Remember, the instruction is free! You pay only for the launch and glider rental. See Club fees

If you find you enjoy gliding and want to take it up seriously, you can go forward in several ways. You can take out full membership and then come as and when you please to take your lessons, or you may consider one of our more intensive week-long courses.


Trial lesson

Have a First Flight

A First Flight Experience a great way to try something new and experience the delights of soaring flight, or maybe you’d just like to take in the view!

Only £99.50+ P&P

Learn to fly

Flying courses

The best way to discover the delights and challenges of gliding at Sutton Bank is to spend time with us on one of our five-day courses. Alternatively join us for a one-day course when you can take the opportunity to sample the sport in more detail.

From £185.00+ P&P

First year introductory membership

First Year Introductory Membership

This offer provides all of the benefits of full membership but additionally includes 15 flights within the one-off price.



One-day Flying Courses

The Courses are designed for people interested in joining our club and taking up the great sport of gliding.

Only £185.00+ P&P

A scout in JVZ

Junior gliding experiences

The YGC is proud to be a Junior Gliding Centre in the UK!
This means that we can offer Junior membership and gliding tuition to people under 21 at a massively reduced cost.


OR you can join as a member, then turn up and fly whenever you like!