Our Club


Welcome to The Yorkshire Gliding Club! We have been flying gliders from our site at Sutton Bank since 1934. The Club was formed by a group of pioneering aviators, including several famous names. You can read all about our fascinating history at the history page. Today, the Club is dedicated to advancing the sport of gliding through the provision of high-quality training and facilities, affirming our position as the best soaring club in the North of England.

Our facilities

Clubhouse3The Club is open seven days a week throughout the year. We fly everyday the weather permits, and also hold ab-initio training on selected summer evenings. The Club operates a modern and well equipped fleet of gliders. Details are on our fleet page.

Situated on the eastern edge of our airfield, the hangars and buildings cluster is dominated by our distinctive round Clubhouse. Here you will find our office staff dealing with administration, answering queries and handling members' affairs. Our clubhouse also provides our members with overnight accommodation, a cafe and bar, and facilities for briefing, cooking and relaxing. Our upstairs clubhouse cafe is also open to the public and serves snacks, beverages and lunchtime meals, while the adjacent lounge provides amazing views to the south and west.

A team effort

Like other gliding clubs in the UK our Club is run mainly by volunteer members. Keeping the club running like a well oiled machine requires a substantial team effort! This teamwork adds to the social aspects of the flying experience and newcomers quickly meet and learn lots from other more experienced members. As one of the larger clubs in the UK, we also have a small professional operations staff, with instruction being provided free by our team of fully qualified instructors. The pupil only pays for the aerotow or winch launch and the flying time in the aircraft.


Every morning with the prospect of flying weather, volunteer members open the hangar doors before 9.00 am and the Club aircraft are brought out for inspection. Conducted by experienced members, a rigorous safety inspection is carried out on each aircraft, checking the airframe, controls and instrumentation.

Whatever the weather, each morning at 9.30, the duty instructor holds a meeting in the Briefing Room. Here the weather data, air traffic and airfield operations for the day are briefed to all pilots. Individual members can also discuss their requirements. Those wishing to fly Club gliders under instruction enter their name on the daily flying list and are taken for their instructional flights in that order. Solo pilots enter their name on the single seaters list and fly in ascending order.

On the airfield, members are expected to retrieve landed gliders, manoeuvre them in the launch queue and assist with the launch process and log keeping. This teamwork and socialisation adds greatly to the enjoyment and the understanding of learning to fly.

Pay us a visit.  See the Club in action.  Talk to our instructors and members. Find out how to get to our airfield here.