Join the ‘mile high’ club

Fly one mile high with us!

We're now offering flights to 'one mile high' (5,280 feet or 1,609 metres) above sea level.

You can view the beautiful Vale of York and North York Moors from high above, while gliding gently in one of our two-seat gliders. Your instructor will guide you through use of the controls, allowing you to take control of the glider as you drift gently earthwards. On a warm day, you may well catch a thermal and soar like a bird.

Note: If the trial lesson is for someone else, please tell us their name so we can personalise their voucher.
The voucher will be posted to you.

Note 2: Flights to 5,280 feet may not be possible every day due to weather conditions. If the weather on your chosen day is not suitable, we will arrange an alternative date.

Only £155.00+ P&P