Junior and cadet membership

The YGC is proud to be an official UK Junior Gliding Centre!

This means that we can offer membership and flight training to cadets and young people aged under 21 at massively reduced cost. We can also provide help accessing bursaries, the Junior Gliding Fund, Launchpoint and other funding aimed at helping young people get into aviation.

The benefits of gliding

In the UK and Europe, young pilots can now fly solo in a glider from age 14 and become instructors from age 16! Gliding is a brilliant sport to begin as a teenager, young people have an optimal capacity to learn new skills and can develop the techniques and judgement required to be a good pilot fairly quickly. Whether you want to learn aerobatics, race gliders competitively or just enjoy the thrill of soaring like a bird, gliding has something to offer everyone.

If you're looking at a future career as an airline or military pilot, learning to fly a glider will give you a good set of skills. Putting you ahead of your competition when being considered by a potential employer. It shows committment and a team work approach to flying, as well as teaching a feel for the aircraft which other types of aviation do not.

Our facilities

As well as having full time professional instructors, one of the best club fleets in the country and a seven day a week operation, we also have a well equipped clubhouse. This includes an upstairs cafe during the day and a members kitchen, available anytime, for those wanting to prepare their own food. We also offer basic private bedrooms and plenty of space to pitch tents for those wanting to stay at the club for a few days. We understand that traveling to and from the club can be an issue for young people, but fortunately we have members from all around the region, so car sharing is always a possibility and there are good bus and rail links into Thirsk.

Can I afford it?

This is something that seems to worry young people the most, rest assured our discounts for young people are comprehensive! We offer:

Check out the Juniors Group on Facebook and the British Gliding Association's Juniors page! Then, why not come and spend a day with us to see what we do?

From £50.00+ P&P