Half Day Experience

An Introduction to flight with the Yorkshire Gliding Club

Being a member of a gliding club is about much more than 'just' flying; and so if you are unsure what's in store as a potential member then our tailored half-day experience is for just for you. For those with a long journey or a little less time on their hands; our standard trial lesson (priced the same) may be the best way to get started.

By the end of your half day with us, you will understand the basics of glider flight - having taken the controls yourself with a qualified instructor. You will also have an insight into how a gliding club works.


Your introduction begins at 09:15am, our office staff and a club member will explain how our club works and help you prepare for the day along with up to three other people also experiencing gliding for the first time. You will be invited to join the members briefing at 09:30am where the senior pilot for the day (often the Chief Flying Instructor or his Deputy) will run through the days weather forecast, details of the days flying operation, and any important safety or other notices. After the briefing, your group will stay to watch a short introductory video.

After the briefing, your dedicated instructor for the day will take you out to the airfield to show you the glider that you will be flying, and help you to familiarise yourself with it, and prepare the aircraft - and yourself - for flight.

You may be one of up to three people on your half day experience - as club members for the day - you will work together (under guidance) to help each other get into the glider and get airborne.

The Flight:

When your turn comes, depending on the weather, you will launch either by aerotow behind a powered aircraft to around 2,000 feet (approx. 600 metres), or take a winch launch to around 600 feet. It is important to know that the weather determines the method of launch and how long you stay airborne. After release from the winch or tow aircraft, your qualified instructor will demonstrate the flying controls, and you will carry out your first simple exercises. You will be surprised at how easy the glider is to maneuver with gentle control movements.

The Experience:

The views are stunning. The glider is inherently stable and will respond well to gentle, relaxed movements on the controls - so take a moment to enjoy the view. If you plan to take photographs, please let us know when you arrive. You will need a means to secure your phone/camera in flight, such as a wrist strap.

All of our instructors are trained to the rigourous standards set by the British Gliding Association and your safety is our prime consideration. In preparation for your visit we will send you a helpful and informative information pack that includes everything from the basics of flying, to keeping yourself safe.

As a guest member during your experience, you will take part in the club operation just as all of our members do and on the day you will be introduced to the days 'Duty Team' who will be running the airfield. You may be shown how to safely participate in getting other gliders airborne, which for a launch by aerotow takes up to 5 people!

After your experience:

Your introduction to our club should finish at around lunchtime - the perfect time to sample our on-site cafe and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Sutton Bank that our regular members and visitors all enjoy.

At this point, your membership of our club for the following month starts - so if you're ready for your second and subsequent lessons, you can start immediately. Your host will show you how to put your name on the flying list, and you will participate in the ground operation until your turn comes again. The very fact that club members all participate in running the airfield keeps operating costs low and is why, as a club member for your trial period, further flying fees are only approximately £40 per half hour in a two seat glider with instructor. Club members working together to participate in the sport that they love is also why you will find that gliding clubs are where lifelong friendships are formed.


We are currently booking half day experiences for the following dates. Please contact the office on enquiry@ygc.co.uk or call 01845 597237 to book once you have obtained your voucher, if you do not wish to buy online, you can pay by credit or debit card over the phone or in person.

Only £99.50+ P&P