Wednesday 8th May and Thursday 9th May 2024

Posted: 11/05/2024 08:55

Wednesday gave us 16 aerotows with some soaring, the star performances again came from Bob Calvert and Dean Crosby, Bob used his engine to access mid level wave, climbing to around 7500 in his 5hr flight, Dean stayed more local in his flight of just under 2 hours.


Thursday gave us 19 aerotows into a great looking sky, but the thermals were often disappointing. 

Bob used his engine again to access the mid level wave west of the site, climbing to around 8000 feet visiting the other side of Carlton Bank in his 2hr 39min flight,

Jim McClean in his ASW24 and Andy Wilmot in his ASW19 both contacted the wave west of the site with more modest climbs in their flights of just over an hour.

Paul Whitehead in his Ventus 2 flew for 3hrs 5mins climbed to around 5000' and flew south to the Linton on Ouse area using thermals from then on.

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