Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Posted: 23/05/2024 13:06

Tuesday 21st.  Some early morning rain and low cloud delayed the start of flying until around midday and the skies remained cloudy all day, restricting soaring opportunities.  Of the 13 ATs off runway 02, only one, that of Barry Kerby/Barry Monslow in Barry's DuoDiscus t exceeded 30 minutes, their 1:30 flight, which took in visits to Helmsley and Topcliffe, owing a lot to internal combustion rather than external convection.  The only other flight to get to 30 minutes was by Tony Drury in his DG303, that and a 29  minute flight by visitor Philip Challans in his LS4, being the result of finding some weak thermal activity. The latter and much stronger sink led to Bob Beck landing out some 2.74 km from site near Hood Hill, putting himself in pole position for the 2024 Aux Vaches trophy.

Wednesday 22nd.   A slow moving and active depression led to a day of low cloud and heavy rain, with 33.8 mm of  the latter recorded locally.  Consequently it was a day for members to stay at home and visitors to take advantage of the many tourist attractions in the area.

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