Sunday 12th May, 2024

Posted: 13/05/2024 19:38

Sunday 12th.  A declining anticyclone meant of day of hazy sunshine and little lift, with only one of the day's 15 ATs leading to a flight of over 30 minutes.  Only the two K21s were flown, with the launch total including 6 for First Flight pupils with 5 of these having 19 to 22 minutes, the result of 2,500' tows.  The light to moderate ESE'ly saw early operations off runway 20, but this changed to runway 06 later in the day as the wind backed into the E.  Fred Brown/Martin Johnson in JVZ had the longest flight of the day, 34 minutes, making use of a weak area of lift over the gulley just to the east of the airfield. 

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