Saturday 4th May to Monday 6th May 2024

Posted: 11/05/2024 08:23

The club hosted this year's Interclub League over the Bank Holiday weekend

Saturday 4th May

Disappointing weather meant no flying.

Sunday 5th May

Some soaring was possible, 29 aerotows resulted in many flights of around 20 minutes duration and only a few attempts at the task. Pocklington aerotowed a K21 to Sutton Bank which flew several of their members. Andrew Kitchen and Neil Sheard both landed out attempting their tasks, others including Chris Booker decided to return to the site finding little lift, but Dave Bowes in his ASG29e flew round the task (with some engine use to get back to Sutton Bank) having made the best use of the available conditions during his 2hr 53 minute flight.

Bob Calvert flew for 1hr 27mins.

Monday 6th May

Another slightly disappointing day with 17 aerotows (including the Pocklington K21 being towed back towards home on the last flight of the day) Most flights resulted in some soaring, the longest flights being by Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct with 3hrs 14mins, Dave Bowes in his ASG29e with 2hrs 42, again going round the Sunday task and needing some engine use to get round. Neil Sheard and Adam Sayer both completed flights of over 2 hours soaring locally. Two other 1 hr plus flights were Graeme Cooksey and Sergio Cazador from Pocklington in K21 KLW and Austin Hartland in Astir DPO.

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