Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th May 2024

Posted: 14/05/2024 20:10

Monday 13th.  Another sunny but hazy day  with sufficient Cumulus to provide soaring conditions that enabled 16 flights out of the 22 flown to exceed 30 minutes, with 7 exceeding an hour as a light to moderate SSE'ly blew all day.  There were 12 private owner launches plus 2 for First Flight pupils, with private owners providing 6 of the >an hour flights and Albert & Martin Newbery in the DG1000 providing  the other one. The majority of the soaring flights were local and/or to the east of site over the moors, with Dean Crosby in his LS10t getting to just north of Pickering, the farthest of the day in  his 3:11 flight.  Those having over 2 hours included Martin Johnson in his DG600, Bob Calvert in his Discus 2t, Andrew Wilmot in his ASW 19, and and the aforementioned Albert & Martin Newbery, while visitor Malcom Guard almost joined this group with 1:52 in his 15m Vega.  Andy Tyas in Astir DPO had 1:11 on a day when cloud base rose to around 4,000' asl and average thermal strengths were 1 kt with best average climb rates being 2-3 kts.  The Falke had 2 flights, the first to a landing at Fishburn, with a return via Staindrop and the second a series of touch and go landings at site.

Tuesday 14th.  The cold front of a low pressure centred in the SW approaches draped itself across the eastern side fo the UK giving a day of periods of mainly light rain and cloudy skies as a light to moderate SE'ly blew, the conditions ruling out any flying.    

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