Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd May 2024

Posted: 03/05/2024 16:55

Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd May 2024

Wednesday 1st May

A gentle north easterly allowed 9 aerotows on runway 02. Bas Sonnefeld rejoined and after a 5 year break, he did several flights in JVZ and KLW with Andrew Watson and Guy Hartland culminating in a resolo, the other flights being three for Les Briston on a BGA Mini Course with Guy Hartland and Andrew Watson and a solo in JVZ by Polly Whitehead. Most of the flights were 15 to 20 minutes long except a simulated launch failure for Bas resulting in a landing on 20 after 2 minutes. Some weak thermals helped prolong some of the flights.


Thursday 2nd May

Another gentle north easterly allowed 9 aerotows off runway 02. Tony Kirkby flew two circuits in KLW with Chris O'Boyle, Roger Taylor also flew with Chris in the same glider for 11 minutes off a 2000' tow.

Andrew Watson flew first flight/BGA voucher students in JVZ for 30 minutes with Leena Islam , 28 minutes with Maariyah Islam and 32 minutes with Michael Shoebottom helped by some weak wave near Sutton-Under-Whitestonecliffe and Goremire and managing modest climbs to around 4000' ASL.

Chris O'Boyle flew with first flight student Jill Fawell for just under 20 minutes in KLW.

Guy Hartland flew KLW with visiting Canadian instructor Simon Youen for 53 minutes climbing to around 4500' ASL in wave off a 2200' tow in a beat between Rievaulx Abbey and Bilsdale Mast.

Longest flight of the day was Martin Newberry who took a 2000' tow in his Ventus CT using his engine to contact the wave over Felixkirk then climbing to around 7500' ASL, visiting Tontine area and exploring the lift mainly to the west of the moors.

Friday 3rd May 

The approaching low cloud and rain only allowed three flights in the morning, all in KLW and all with first flight students. 

Andrew Watson flew Liz Waddington for 29 minutes helped by weak northerly wave, climbin around 200' from release height.

Paul whitehead then flew Cheryll Sime for two flights of around 10 minutes off lower tows due to the cloudbase.


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