Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th April 2024

Posted: 20/04/2024 12:24

Wednesday 17th.  An weak occluded front moving south brought low cloud and light rain as a light to moderate NW'ly strengthened and veered into the N, but it was the strengthening NW'ly that resulted in a non flying day.  The visitors from the Dartmoor GC decamped to and flew at Pocklington.

Thursday 18th.  A bright start to the day as a light WSW'ly blew saw flying get under way just after 1000 hrs, as Polly Whitehead flying K21 JVZ solo took  the first of the day's 8 ATs off runway 24.   The WSW'ly slowly strengthened to become moderate, with the result that, although the first 5 of the day's flight were of the up, round and down variety, the next flight by Guy Hartland/Peter Hill in K21 KLW resulted in 42 minutes hill soaring the main W'ly ridge to its northern limit at High Paradise Farm, albeit at heights of 5/600' QFE.    They were followed by Steve Scothern flying Astir DPO who had 33 minutes also using the full extent of the W'ly ridge, but at 8/1,000' QFE.  The final flight of the day saw Paul Whitehead/Andy Davy have 25 minutes soaring the main bowl as cloud amounts increased and lowered prior to a lengthy period of rain setting in around 4pm as a cold front moved south across the UK.  Guy provided the following photo of Thirsk from his flight.

Friday 19th.  Thursday's cold front left the site in a moderate to fresh N'ly, a bright start to the day soon leading to increasing cloud before it cleared late afternoon.  4 of the day's 5 ATs were for First Flight pupils with the remaining one for a guest of Guy Hartland.  The cloudy conditions were not conducive, to soaring although Nigel Burke, flying the 4th First Flight pupil on K21 JVZ, did manage to climb 200' in a weak  thermal, so extending his flight time to 20 minutes, the best of the day.  

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