Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th March 2024

Posted: 27/03/2024 21:13

Tuesday 26th.  A light N'ly steadily increased to light to moderate as a high overcast persisted for most of the day.  Operations started off on runway 20, but soon switched to 02 with 11 ATs completed, all in either one of  K21s JVZ and KLW.   First Flight pupils accounted for 4 of the day's flights and although lift was hard to find, with flight times being generally less than 20 minutes, two flights did find some weak lift to extend their flights.  Bruce Grain/Neil Amos flying KLW had 26 minutes, the result of using a couple of thermals, the first which saw them maintain their height and the second which resulted in a climb of 100'.   Guy Harland and the first of the day's First Flight pupils in K21 JVZ and later, Guy and Roger Taylor,  in KLW, shared the next longest flight time of 20 minutes. Guy's flight with his First Flight pupil was the result of a slow descent but his flight with Roger used an area of lift just downwind of the White Horse ridge that saw them climb around 250'.   In the evening, another group of ATC Cadets were introduced to gliding using the same programme as before.

Wednesday 27th.  Early morning rain lasted until around 0800 hrs, with low cloud persisting until clearer skies arrived in the early afternoon accompanied by some isolated showers, the wind being a moderate SSE'ly.  The conditions did not temp anyone to take to the skies.

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