Sunday 4th to Monday 5th February 2024

Posted: 05/02/2024 21:34

Sunday 4th.  A moderate WSW'ly blew, accompanied by overcast skies which, shortly after the start of flying, produced a period of rain that limited the day's flying to one AT off runway 24 behind the Pawnee.  Should the rain not have arrived, the gradual increase in wind speed to fresh to strong over the day would have terminated flying.  Dave McKinney/Adam Sayer took the only flight, taking K21 KLW for 24 minutes of hill soaring, including a trip to High Paradise Farm some 7 km north along the main westerly ridge. 

Monday 5th.  A moderate and at times fresh to strong and gusty WSW'ly blew in a low overcast that prevented any flying. 

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