Wednesday 29th to Thursday 30th November 2023

Posted: 30/11/2023 21:53

Wednesday 29th.  The light to moderate, cold flow from the NNW/WNW continued, with generally sunny skies and patchy cloud.  Operations, amounting to 8 ATs off runway 24 with landings on 02 or 06, didn't commence until around 1230 hrs when the 1st of the day's 3 First Flight pupils had 20 minutes with Bruce Grain in K21 KLW.  20 minutes turned out to be the best duration of the day, a time shared both by the other First Flight pupils, both of whom flew with Bruce Grain and the flight by Clive Swain/Chris Lloyd in K21 JVZ.  Neil Paveley took Astir DPO for a 15 minute flight, while the Falke's pilots did a few touch and go's at site before visiting Easingwold and then going north to the Tontine and Carlton Bank before returning to site. 

Thursday 30th.  More of a N'ly flow, while still light to moderate, brought in a number of snow showers throughout the day so there was no flying.

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