Tuesday 24th to Tuesday 31st October 2023

Posted: 03/11/2023 10:56

Tuesday 24th.  Light rain in the morning was followed by low cloud and very murky conditions as a variable light wind became a light NNW'ly, so there was no flying.

Wednesday 25th.  A shallow depression developed off NE England  as a light to moderate NNW'ly wind brought in low cloud and light rain/drizzle, so there was again no flying.

Thursday 26th.  A light ESE'ly veered into the SSW as low pressure continued to dominate the UK, bringing a day of rain and low cloud to continue the run of non-flying days.

Friday 27th.  A light NNE veered into the SSW on a dry but murky day, low cloud and mist ensuring the run of non-flying days extended to four.

Saturday 28th.  The persistent and dominant low to the west of Ireland maintained a light to moderate, cloudy but generally dry ESE'ly flow over North Yorkshire.  However,  the base of the overcast was too low to allow any flying to take place.

Sunday 29th.  Although the cloud was broken with a relatively  high cloudbase and a light WSW'ly initially blew before veering into the NNW, heavy rain overnight on top of that that fell during the previous week led to a waterlogged airfield and continuation of the non-flying days.

Monday 30th.  The wind had become a light NE'ly as a slow moving occluded front brought another day of low cloud and rain, extending the non-flying period to 8 days.

Tuesday 31st.  Another non-flying day due to low cloud and rain, the wind being a light NNW'ly. 



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