Thursday 16th to Friday 17th November 2023.

Posted: 17/11/2023 20:04

Thursday 16th.  A weak and slow moving occluded front brought low cloud, murky conditions and light rain at times, as a light and variable, mainly SSE'ly blew, so there was no flying.

Friday 17th.  A weak and transient ridge of  high pressure brought a sunny start to the day, but orographic forming on the ridges in the light SW'ly delayed the start of flying until around 1100 hrs.  Thereafter, 17 ATs were flown off runway 24, with landings on either 24 or 20, the instructional team being briefed about soft spots to avoid on both runways by a walkabout prior to the start of flying.   K21s JVZ and KLW did the majority of the flying, with Astir DPO flown by 4 pilots Andy Evans, Roger Burghall, Steve and Eilleen Scothern.  The air was silky smooth, ideal for the day's 4 First Flight pupils and the majority of club pilots who were under training, but the lack of any lift meant the longest flights of 22 minutes were off 3,000' tows, the first by Andrew Watson/Andrew Bedford and the second by Andrew Watson/Brian Whitfield.  The only other flights to exceed 20 minutes were the 21 minutes flown by George Rowden and one of the day's First Flight pupils and Andrew Watson/Brian Whitfield, both off a 2,500' tows.

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