Sunday 26th to Tuesday 28th November 2023.

Posted: 29/11/2023 12:55

Sunday 26th.  Thickening high cover and a light to moderate SE'ly flow meant a quiet day's gliding, with 14 ATs off runway 20, including 4 for First Flight pupils and 2 in the Astir.  In the absence of any lift, flight times were generally in the 15-20 minute band, while a number of pilots took low tows to practice circuit flying.  Amelia Forrester took both flights in Astir DPO, while 3 flights managed just over 20 minutes, 2 for First Flight pupils with Tim Stanley and Malcolm Morgan as P1s, with the remaining flight by Steve Thompson/Adam Sayer as Adam continued his BI training off a 3K tow.

Monday 27th.  Rain in the morning hours and showers in the afternoon, brought in on a light to moderate NNW'ly meant there was no flying.

Tuesday 28th.  A generally light NNW'ly that backed into the WNW over the day, brought another pleasant day's gliding at site, with 9 ATs flown off runway 02 behind the Eurofox, while Derek Smith took the Falke on a trip to the coast, visiting Filey and Flamborough Head before returning via Pocklington.  Areas of reduced sink and lenticular cloud formation indicated the presence of wave but this didn't materialise locally until the late afternoon, when, off the last flight of the day, Bruce Grain/Peter Ibbotson, a visitor from the Bath, Wilts and N Dorset GC, had 43 minutes in K21 JVZ, maintaining 1,600'-1,700' QFE in weak wave over Gormire,  even managing to climb 100' at one point.  Apart from this soaring flight, the rest were gentle descents from release height, although Fred Brown/John Forrester took K21 KLW for a not so gentle aerobatic session.  The day's only First Flight pupil followed up his flight with George Rowden  in JVZ with another with Fred Brown in KLW before joining the club, so a warm welcome to Jamie Wilson as he starts his glider pilot training with us.      

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