Sunday 12th to Wednesday 15th November 2023

Posted: 16/11/2023 15:31

Sunday 12th.  A sunny  start with a light S'ly blowing, soon gave way to lowering clouds as the wind backed into the SE and slowly increased to moderate as frontal rain moved in from the W limiting flying to 2 ATs off runway 20.  The second saw Jamie Quartermaine/Charles Frechville have 20 minutes in K21 JVZ while the first was much more significant as Simona Latimer who completed her BI training.   So congratulations to Simona who is shown below being congratulated by CFI Bruce Grain after their flight in JVZ.  

Monday 13th.  Storm Debi brought rain, low cloud and strong winds to site, the SW to WNW'ly average wind speed at nearby RAF Topcliffe increasing from moderate to fresh to strong and the gusts increasing from 30-59 kts.  Understandably, there were lots of flying objects but no gliders.

Tuesday 14th.  Debi's legacy was a light SSE'ly that progressively veered into the WNW, accompanied by a low overcast and rain in the form of frequent heavy showers that meant another non-flying day.

Wednesday 15th.  An initially moderate W'ly  and broken cloud saw winching operations start off runway 24 around 1015 hrs.  Clive Swain/Steve Morgan in K21 JVZ took the first launch of the day, returning to land after a flight of1:04 spent mainly soaring the main bowl and the one around the corner from Gormire at typically 1,000;-1200' QFE with a peak height of 1300' QFE.  This proved to be by far the longest flight of the day, with the next 2 flights by Andrew Watson/Chris Lloyd in K21 KLW having durations of 10 and 12 minutes soaring the main bowl at 550-650' QFE, with the last flight of the day by John Carter solo in JVZ lasting 2 minutes as increasingly low cloud and rain arrived to put an end to flying for the day.

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