Friday 24th to Saturday 25th November 2023

Posted: 26/11/2023 11:07

Friday 23rd.   A flood of Artic air led to a marked reduction in temperature over the day in spite of it being generally sunny, the change being accompanied by a moderate to fresh NNW'ly gusting to the mid 30kts.  Although the wind moderated slowly over the day as it backed into the NW, conditions were never suitable for flying.

Saturday 24th.  The wind had become a light to moderate NNW'ly so, under sunny skies, operations off runway 02 commenced just after 1000 hrs.  A lack of members limited launches to 10, with 4 First Flight pupils flown.  Initially, large areas of reduced sink were encountered to help extend flight times, but by the early afternoon, cloud had come in from the coast to identify the location of some low amplitude, weak wave.  This was used by John Tayler with the last of the day's First Flight pupils to give the longest flight of the day, 27 minutes in K21 JVZ, using the wave some 2 km SSW of the site that gave a maximum climb rate of 1 kt.  John also crossed the 20 minute threshold with another of the day's First Flight pupils, having 23 minutes, this time in K21 KLW, being joined in this group by George Rowden who had 21 minutes in KLW, again with a First Flight pupil.  The only solo of the day was by Toby Wilson who took a high tow in KLW in order to perform some aerobatics.

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