Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th October 2023

Posted: 15/10/2023 09:35

Thursday 12th.  Clear and sunny skies and a light to moderate S'ly wind restricted soaring opportunities to a brief period in the early afternoon, when a few Cumulus appeared over the moors.  Visitors Malcolm Guard in his Ka6cr and Pat Fowler in his Astir CS made the most of the conditions, with Malcolm having 1:55 and Pat 0:56, with climbs to up 2,900' asl.  Flying just as the convection died, Derek Smith/Steve Kirk in K21 JVZ had a single thermal climb to 2,600' asl, which resulted in them having the next longest flight, 26 minutes, the day's 6 First Flight pupils having the next highest of between 18 and 22 minutes out of the day's 17 ATs off runway 20.

Friday 13th.  Light rain in the morning and continuing low cloud meant suitable conditions for flying didn't develop until mid afternoon, when  visitor Malcolm Guard in his Ka6cr took the only winch launch of the day (with thanks to Guy Hartland) and then soared the main bowl for just over 2 hrs at 600'-1000' QFE.

Saturday 14th.  A moderate and at times moderate to fresh NW'ly, but particularly the sight of  the clubhouse mounted windsock dancing around its pole, suggested that the clear and sunny skies disguised some turbulent conditions for take off and landing from runway 24.  This was confirmed by the first and only flight of the day, any chance of flying later being dashed as the wind strengthened.  Bruce Grain/Tomer Altman who took the day's only AT in K21 KLW, found lift just around the corner from Lake Gormire to climb from 900' to 1000' QFE and then went up the main ridge to High Paradise Farm before coming back to soar the main bowl at 700-900' QFE for a while before landing after 30 minutes. Most of the week's visitors from the Lincolnshire GC at Strubby had journeyed home by Saturday, but those remaining expressed their thanks for a welcoming and great week of flying at Sutton.

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