Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October 2023

Posted: 09/10/2023 13:15

Friday 6th.  Periods of rain and low cloud at times limited flying to 2 winch launches off runway 24, as a moderate to moderate to fresh WSW'ly blew.  Graham Cooksey/Tor Taverner took the first launch in K21 KLW and soared the main bowl at 500-700' QFE for 25 minutes.  They were followed by visitor B Crump in his DG200 who left the ridge to explore to the NW, only to run into some heavy sink and descend to 100' QFE before re-joining  the ridge and regaining  sufficient height to land after 12 minutes.

Saturday 7th.  The WSW'ly had declined to moderate, but a day of sunny intervals led to 16 launches from runway 24, 14 via AT after 2 initial winch launches, the switch the result of winch problems. A combination of hill  and wave lift resulted in all the day's flights exceeding 30 minutes, with 10 of these over an hour.  Two of the day's 10 wave climbs commenced while soaring the main blow, but the majority of climbs were initiated in the Felixkirk area.  Peak altitudes ranged from 5,000' to 10,900' asl with the greater altitudes gained via a succession of small climbs to get to the Catterick/Richmond area.    Typical of the latter was Fred Brown's flight in his Ventus ct.  Climbing initially over the main bowl, Fred  took climbs 7 km SE of Topcliffe and overhead Leeming before finding his best climb of the day 4 km SE of Catterick that took him to 10,900' asl. Fred then flew to within 5 km of Leyburn before returning to site.  A similar route was taken by Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct, with his best climb to 9,200' asl just to the SE of Richmond, from where Bob went a few kms NW before returning to site via Ripon and Boroughbridge.  During the early part of his flight Bob shared the wave with B Crump in his DG200, as the following photo shows, the DG200 pilot staying local and climbing to around 5,000' asl.

The other wave soaring pilots were Graham Morris in his ASW27, 8,000' asl near Thimbleby, Steve Thompson Ventus bt, 7,500' over Cowesby bowl, Kelly Teagle, Kestrel 19, 6,700' asl  near Felixkirk, Fred Brown/Andy Tyas, K21 JVZ, 6,500' asl in the Felixkirk area, John Ellis, DG808, 6,400' asl 2 km WNW of Sutton, Dean Crosby, LS10t, 6,000' asl,  4 km ENE of Northallerton and Paul Whitehead/Dave Cockburn K21 JVZ, 4,600' asl, over Gormire.

Sunday 8th.  A very murky start to a day that slowly brightened up as a light to moderate SSE/S'ly blew,,  but the improvement was never sufficient to temp anybody into flying.

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