Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd September 2023

Posted: 25/09/2023 20:57

Tuesday 19th.  A moderate to fresh SW'ly brought in low cloud and rain so there was no flying.

Wednesday 20th.  A slow moving cold front brought rain and low cloud, this not clearing until mid afternoon.  The clearance did allow 4 winch launches to be flown off runway 24, with each flight times ranging from 58 minutes to 2:05, the former by Ian Bullous in his DG808 and the latter by Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct.  The west facing ridge was the main source of lift but there was some thermal activity and some weak wave, with Bob climbing to 5,000' asl with other  maximum altitudes  being around 2,500' asl.

Thursday 21st.  A mainly sunny day with scattered Cu led to a busy launch point with 32 ATs off runway 20 with 14 by private owners and 16 flights of over 30 minutes, including 11 over an hour.  Conditions turned out to be a little tricky with 3 pilots having to resort to their engines to avoid a field landing and a  number of low saves.  Climbs to over 5,000' asl were achieved and although average climb rates were 1/1.5 kts, peak average climbs reached around 4 kts.  A number of pilots went XC with Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct visiting Ripon, Harrogate North and Masham, visitor Craig Lowry in his DG808 doing an O/R to Harrogate North, Bill Payton/Stuart Heaton in their DG1000t reaching Ripon, Churchouses. and Pickering and Chris Handzlik in his DG300 turning Dishforth Sutton and Easingwold.  The rest of the soaring flights stayed local.  Conrad Thwaites had 1:09 in the Discus with the longest club 2 seater flight being the 36 minutes flown by Pete Goodchild/Tony Kirby in K21 KLW. 

Friday 22nd.  Low cloud delayed the start of flying until late morning when the Falke had 2 flights, but a further improvement in the weather was required to allow glider flying, this starting in the early afternoon off runway 24 into a light to moderate W'ly.  The day's 7 ATs  led to 2  flights over 30 minutes, one being the 1:30 flown by Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct, the result of a cloud climb to 6,900' asl and the other being a 31 minute flight for one of the day's 2 First Flight pupils, P1 Fred Brown finding some steady lift on the edge of a street of heavy showers that developed during the afternoon.  

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