Thursday 14th to Friday 15th September 2023

Posted: 16/09/2023 13:00

Thursday 14th.  After a bright start, it became more cloudy as a light to moderate SSW veered into the W.   The day did provide some thermal and wave soaring with 5 flights of over 30 minutes, including 2   over an hour out of  the 11 ATs flown off runway 24, with the majority of landings on 20.  Bob Calvert and Chris Teagle were the only private owners to launch and they provided both of the > an hour flights.  During his 3:50 flight Bob visited areas around Northallerton and Ripon in his Discus 2ct after taking an engine assisted wave climb to around 7,300' asl in the vicinity of Boltby.  Chris Teagle. flying his Kestrel 19, spent most of his 2:40 flight thermal soaring between 3,000' and 4,200' asl and exploring to 7 km east of Masham.  However, on returning to the local area Chris contacted wave and climbed to 6,300' asl on a beat between Knayton and Northallerton.   Jamie Quartermaine took one of the day's 5 First Flight pupils for 47 minutes in K21 JVZ with Nigel Burke taking another of the same group for 35 minutes in K21 KLW.  35 minutes was also the flight time for Polly Whitehead in KLW with most of the day's ATs behind the Robin from another GC that was on a temporary swap for YGC's Pawnee.  

Friday 15th.  A light N'ly brought in a low overcast that delayed the start of flying until the middle of the afternoon, when a corporate group of 8 were flown by either Graham Cooksey or Ian Pattingale in K21s JVZ and KLW.  Lift was hard to come by under the, by now, higher overcast and flight times averaged 17 minutes.

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