Sunday 10th to Monday 11th September 2023

Posted: 11/09/2023 20:32

Sunday 10th.  A light SSE'ly blew all day accompanied by cloudy skies and an absence of any significant lift, although later in the day thunderstorms blossomed in the area with RAF Leeming reporting 17 mm of rain over a couple of hours.  13 ATs were flown off runway 20, including 5 for First Flight pupils, but nobody stayed up for longer than 22 minutes, this being by Simon Altman/Simon John in K21 JVZ off a 3,000' tow.  Sanjay Nath and Amelia Forrester were the only solo pilots, both flying Astir DPO the rest of the day's flights being in K21s, JVZ and KLW.

Monday 11th.  A moderate SW'ly slowly veered into the W and became light to moderate as a weak cold front approached from the NW.  Although generally cloudy, with a base around 1,500' QFE, there were sufficient gaps to allow normal ATs and pilots of the day's11 launches made use of weak wave, hill lift and later weak thermal.  Bob Calvert was  the only private owner to fly, having 4;46 as he made use of the weak wave to eventually climb to around 9,000' asl via progressively higher climbs just east of Thirsk, Northallerton, Ripon, just west of Boroughbridge and finally 9 km north of Pateley Bridge.  Bob then ventured further west to 11 km north of Grassington before returning to site.   Guy Hartland with the first of the day's 5 First Flight pupils, contacted the wave off the first flight of the day and spent the majority of their 40 minute flight at between 3/3,500' asl on a SE/NW beat between Bagby and 5 km to the NNW of Thirsk.  Guy's flight was one of the four to exceed 30 minutes, with his brother Austin having 32 minutes in one of the 3 flights he had in Astir DPO, while George Rowden with another first flight pupil, had 33 minutes in K21 KLW sampling some weak wave, weak thermal and soft hill lift. 

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