Monday 18th September 2023

Posted: 19/09/2023 14:55

Monday 18th  After a bright start, an active cold front brought low cloud and rain from 1100 to 1400 hrs.  However, the skies brightened sufficiently by late afternoon to allow flying to take place, with 5 ATs off runway 24 as a moderate W'ly blew.  All 5 flights exceeded an hour, with hill lift being the main source of lift, although Neil Paverley, flying the Discus, mainly used thermal in his 1:50 flight climbing to 3,400' asl.  Guy Hartland/Geoff Burkinshaw in K21 JVZ spent most of their 1:17 hill soaring the main ridges up to Black Hambledon as well as the forward ridge, the hill working up to 1300' QFE.   Jesper Mjels flew Astir DPO for just over 2 hours, climbing to 3,900' asl in thermal and using thermal assisted hill lift to maintain 1700' QFE at times.  Clive Swain/Paul Steer in K21 KLW  had 1:22 mainly soaring in hill lift and maintaining around 1300' QFE as they did a couple of O/Rs to High Paradise Farm on  the main ridge, while Dean Crosby, taking the last tow of the day in his LS10, had 1:18 while visiting Black Hambleton a couple of times and returning via the forward ridge, as well as finding some late afternoon thermals to utilise. 

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