Wednesday 9th August 2023

Posted: 10/08/2023 23:40

Wednesday 9th.  A light to moderate W'ly blew all day with 29 ATs off runway 24, the day providing mainly thermal soaring under predominately cloudy skies but with some wave too, especially in the afternoon.  The Task Week competitors flew a task based on a tennis match, having to visit successive TP's first to one side of a imaginary net running N/S through site and then the other side, as in a tennis rally.  The day's best flight was by John Ellis in his DG800 who had a rally of 7 TPs, flying 182 km in the process but having won a day John couldn't win another so the day winner was Les Rayment in his DG800, with 4 Tps and 172 km.  Fred Brown in his Ventus ct came third.  John and Fred both contacted wave and climbed to 8,100' and 7,500' asl respectively, while other pilots also enjoyed good wave climbs.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct used thermal to get to Ripon were he contacted the wave, climbing to around 8.700' asl.  Bob then flew further north and west reaching his maximum altitude of 9,400' asl 8 km SW of Masham and reaching just north of Tebay before returning to site in a flight lasting 8 hours.  Paul Whitehead, flying his ASW24, contacted the wave over RAF Topcliffe and climbed steadily to his maximum altitude of 8,800' asl over Harrogate before returning to site.  The most unusual wave flight was by Bill Payton/Stewart Heaton in their DG1000t.  They used thermal to fly up to Tontine, then east to Guisborough, then SSE, just inland of the coast, all the way down to the Humber Bridge.  Just SW of the bridge they contacted the wave and eventually climbed to 8,800' asl to the SSE of Goole.  Returning to Sutton on a long, 20 kt into wind leg and descending through the overcast,  recourse to their engine was necessary some 14 km from home.  All but one of the day's >an hour flights were by private owners, the exception being the 1:14 flown locally by Andy Evans.  The longest 2 seater flight in a club glider was by Clive Swain/David Scothern who had 59 minutes in K21 KLW, with Clive also having 58 minutes with James Horton in the same glider.  Pilots reported generally weak to moderate thermals with the occasional strong one of up to 5 kts average climb rate, with a similar best average in the wave.       

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