Sunday 6th August 2023.

Posted: 06/08/2023 19:52

Sunday 6th.  After the rain and low cloud of the past couple of day, Sunday dawned sunny and clear but Cumulus soon formed, soon spreading out to give 8/8ths, albeit with some Cumulus underneath.  The wind, a moderate  N'y  that slowly veered into the NNE and decreased to light to moderate, led to operations off runway 02, 16 ATs being flown, of which 3 were for First Flight pupils.  The day was also the start of the YGC Task Week with Director George Rowden setting a task based on a game of darts. The conditions were such that only two attempts at the task were made, Toby Wilson/Adam Sayer in the DG1000 being soon back on the ground but Guy Hartland/Amelia Forrester in the DG500 made it to Northallerton and Sutton on Forest, two of the designated TPs, before landing out south of Easingwold after 1:29.  Bob Calvertin his Discus 2ct, had 4:37 visiting Tontine, then going 6 km east of Carlton Bank, returning to Tontine and then getting to 3 km NW of Foston, indulging in a climb to 6,900' asl on the way, the thermal boosted by wave from the southern ridge with Bob supplying the following photo.

The only other flight to exceed 30 minutes was by Dave McKinney/ Lincoln Emmons in K21 KLW, who had 54 minutes soaring between 2,400' and 3,300' asl mainly to the north of the site prior to the arrival of spreadout.  Average climb rates were generally around 1 kt but best climb rates were typically 3 kts.

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