Monday 7th to Tuesday 8th August 2023

Posted: 09/08/2023 23:49

 Monday 7th.  A moderate W'ly blew all day with the day's  33 ATs off runway 24, delivering 25 flights of over 30 minutes with 19 of these over an hour.  The Task Week competitors were set a task based on visiting TPs in Parliamentary constituencies in the north of England, with the object being to accumulate Conservative and Labour majorities from the last General Election. The day was won by John Ellis in his DG800  with Toby Wilson landing out in his Std Cirrus at Breighton airfield.  Non Task Week competitors also flew cross countries .  Rob Bailey in his ASG29t flew a 112.5 km triangle with TPs at Guisborough and Castle Howard, while Dave Latimer in his Ventus 3M flew  203 km with TPs at Beverley Garforth and Northallerton.  Pilots experienced peak average climb rates of around 4 kts, with cloud base rising to 5,000' asl, but most flights were hampered by spreadout.  In addition to thermal activity, wave flights were also to be had.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct reached 7,800' asl  while covering around 250 km with TPs as far apart as Ripon , Scarborough and Tontine, while Clive Swain in his Kestrel climbed to 8,100' asl while flying mainly local to Sutton.  Chris Handzlik in his DG300 had a more modest wave climb to 5,800' asl in a flight turning Tontine, North Duffield, Pocklington and Northallerton.  Laurie Clarke in the Discus flew an O/R to Catterick while Darren Lodge flew an Out to Rufforth and later in the day did the Return to Sutton.  Steve Ogden flying with Guy Hartland in the DG500 both competed in Task Week and together with a flight in the Falke with Bruce Grains, completed his Cross Country Endorsement, this also being achieved by Adam Sayer with another Falke Flight with Bruce, so congratulations to both of them.

Tuesday 8th.  A day of sunny intervals, again with areas of spreadout, otherwise provided a good day's soaring,, with high cloud bases and strong thermals, albeit with associated strong sink.  The moderate WNW'ly led to 28 ATs of runway 24 with the Task Week competitors flying a task based on the game of Monopoly, with the object of accumulating the highest value property portfolio. John Ellis in his DG800 again won the day, flying 330 km in the process, but as the rules of Task Week only allow one day win for any competitor, Fred Brown, who came second on the day, was promoted to winner. Adam Sawer flew his first solo cross country with a trip to Thirsk and Northallerton, while Toby Wilson landed out again, this time close to Ripley near Harrogate.  As well as the Task Week competitors, there were a number of other cross countries, the majority using thermal lift, but Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct again contacted wave and climbed to 12,400' asl near Aysgarth after having contacted the wave near Ripon.  Bob then flew to Kirby Stephen before returning to site.  Andy Wright in his Nimbus 3t flew a triangle with TPs at Humber Bridge and Leyburn but found the condition so good he added on an O/R to Bridlington to cover 366km.  Derek Taylor in  his ASW22 was another 300+ km pilot, with TPs at Northallerton, Kirton in Lindsey and Catterick, while Rob Bailey in his ASG29t turned Guisborough, Beverley and Garforth to cover 242 km.  Martin and Albert Newbery flew around 200 km in their DG1000t with an O/R to Gainsborough, a similar flight being made by Clive Swain/John Forrester in the club DG1000, although they added on a visit to Stamford Bridge on the return.  Most of the other soaring flights stayed local, although Steve Scothern in his Discus bt did an O/R to Tontine.  Later in the day the club hosted a film crew who were engaged in a series of programmes involving Matt Baker and family, this episode covering Matt's introduction to gliding.  Preparations for the visit had involved a thorough cleaning of K21 KLW, so the organisers were not best pleased when earlier in the day, Laurie Clarke with P2 Steve Morgan landed out.  The retrieve crew were however, able to get the glider back to site in time for it to be festooned with GoPro cameras and have CFI Bruce Grain take Matt for the last flight of the day just after 1900 hrs.         

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