Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th 2023

Posted: 31/07/2023 15:21

Wednesday 26th   A light to moderate WSW'ly slowly backed into the SSW'ly as a front approached from the  west, the generally cloudy skies producing rain in the early evening.  19 ATs were flown off runway 24 which was also used for landings, with the convective conditions leading to 11 flights of over 30 minutes and 8 over an hour.  John Ellis in his DG800 and Steve Thompson in his Ventus bt both attempted the same task, 251 km with TPs at Doncaster NW, Leyburn and Wetherby.  jAfter a slow start, both abandoned the task after turning Leyburn, with John covering 215 km and Steve 207 km, as the approaching front cut off convection with Steve having to use his engine some 10 km from home.  Another pilot to struggle at first was Fred Brown in his Ventus ct, but continued to cover around 110 km visiting areas around Sutton on Forest, and TPs at Tontine, Sutton Bank and Kirby Moorside.  While cloud base rose to just over 5,000' asl, Fred climbed to 6,500' asl, an altitude only bettered by Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct, who got to 8,900' asl via a cloud climb, visiting 8 local TP's looking for wave and covering some 215 km in the process.  Pilots flying club gliders for over an hour included Dean Crosby in Astir FSH with 2:21, John Forrester in Astir DPO with 1:55 and Guy Hartland/Amelia Forrester in the DG500 with 1:13. Dean and John stayed local, while Guy/Amelia did an O/R to Tontine and added a period of hill soaring at the end of their flight.

Thursday 27th.  The remnants of the overnight front lingered on as a low overcast, the wind starting light from the ESE and slowly increasing and veering into the W.  Cloud conditions never improved sufficiently to allow any flying to take place.

Friday 28th.  A moderate SE'ly slowly veered into the SW as the early overcast slowly broke up, with cloud base rising progressively over the course of the day.   19 ATs were flown off runway 20 with 7 flights exceeding 30 minutes but only one lasting over an hour.  The latter was by Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct, who made extensive use of his engine in his 4:30 flight, the first part of which was local flying before a trip out to 9 km WNW of Ripon with an altitude of 7,300' asl reached   Cloud base eventually rose to around 3,000' asl with weak thermal activity, the longest of the flights under an hour being the 58 minutes by Steve Ogden in Astir DPO.  Guy Hartland/John Dore's 33 minute flight in K21 KLW ended with a land out at Bagby airfield, the resultant AT retrieve lasting 5 minutes.  The day also saw 8 First Flight pupils flown while the Falke had a single trip.


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