Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th July 2023

Posted: 21/07/2023 13:42

Tuesday 18th.  An Atlantic depression and its associated fronts brought low cloud and patchy rain to site that lasted all day, so there was no flying.

Wednesday 19th.  A light to moderate  NNE'ly blew so operations were off runway 02,, but with cloudy skies  prevailing convection was somewhat limited, with only 2 of the day's 13 ATs leading to flights of over an hour and 1 other flight lasting for 30 minutes.  The 2 >an  hour flights were both by visitors, with P Fowler in his Astir having 1:48 and Malcolm Gauld in his Ka6 having 1:16.   Thermals were relatively weak, with peak average climb rates of 1-2 kts and cloud base around 3.500'-4,000' asl, although Malcolm had a cloud climb to 6,200' asl.  The 30 minute flight was by Laurie Clarke/D Calvert in K21 KLW, while the Falke had the last flight of the day  which lasted 35 minutes.

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