Thursday 20th to Friday 21st July 2023

Posted: 21/07/2023 17:51

Thursday 20th.  A light to  moderate W'ly blew for most of the day bringing sunny intervals and good convection until rain arrived late afternoon but then cleared, allowing flying to continue to just after 1800 hrs, by which time 40 ATs had been flown off runway 24, with all but one landing on 20.  24 flights exceeded 30 minutes with 14 over an hour and there were a number of cross countries flown, although the conditions led to some engine use and 3 land outs.  The  longest XC was by Derek Taylor in his ASW22 who flew 309 km to Burn, Tontine, 12 km E of Doncaster NW and 7 km N of site before returning to land before the rain started.  Others to beat the rain back to site included Steve Thompson in his Ventus bt and Fred Brown in his Ventus ct, Steve flying 203 km around Beverley, Garforth and Northallerton and Fred 200 km around Tontine, Pocklington, near Harrogate N, Thirsk and Tontine.  Rob Bailey in his ASG29t abandoned his declared task after rounding Guisborough W as he ran into sea air and had to use his engine to reconnect with the lift.  Returning to site he then flew a local 100km FAI triangle around Sutton start W, Northallerton, Harrogate N, Sutton on Forest and back to Sutton Start W at 114 kph, but had to again use his engine to get sufficient height to get back to site.  Another pilot to use the engine of his PIK 20E was Peter Goodchild after turning Beverley.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2 flew around 195 km, getting to near Aysgarth before going on to Burn and then home, climbing to 6,100' asl on the last leg.  Others to to climb over 6,000' asl included Clive Swain in his Kestrel who got to 6,700' asl while flying locally and visitor Malcolm Gauld in his Ka6 who cloud climbed to 7,300' asl during his flight around Ripon, Northallerton and Tontine with an intermediate visit to site. Les Rayment flew around 120 km in his DG800, turning Market Weighton and getting to 6 km W of Driffield, while Laurie Clarke did an O/R to the SE of Pocklington in Astir DPO and Guy Hartland/Neil Amos did an 54 km O/R to Ripon in the DG 500.  The land outs were by Simon  Altman in the Discus whose landing at Burn secured his Silver distance, so well done Simon, by visitor Thomas Robinson, who finished up at Shipton and Konrad Kawalek who, due to a heavy shower enveloping the site, landed out 2.95 km from site in Astir FSH, thus putting in a good claim for the Aux Vaches trophy for the closest field landing to Sutton and choosing a nice grass field as the following photo shows. 

Friday 21st.  A day of variable cloudiness, the light to moderate NNW'ly wind bringing in frequent light showers that meant there was no flying. 

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