Sunday 16th July 2023

Posted: 17/07/2023 21:01

Sunday 16h.  A  moderate to fresh WSW'ly blew all day with gusts into the low 30 kts, the cloud cover being extensive with occasional brighter intervals.  Flying didn't start until late afternoon due to the initial strength and gustiness of the wind, the day's 5 winch launches giving an average flight time of 1:12.  Bob Calvert in his Discus 2 ct contributed 2:28, using hill, thermal, a little weak wave and his engine (not necessarily in that order)  to reach 6,300' asl just S of Thimbleby and apart for a venture to the S of Northallerton, stayed relatively local.  Toby Wilson/visitor T Robinson in K21 KLW, off the penultimate launch of the day, had 1:40 maintaining around 1,900/2,200' asl using hill and thermal, while Steve Thompson/Sam Dawson in KLW used hill and thermal to do an O/R to the ridge at Thimbleby of the first flight.  Fred Brown/Sarah Stubbs had 59 minutes during which  they visited Felixkirk  again using  hill and thermal.


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