Monday 17th July 2023

Posted: 18/07/2023 14:05

Monday 17th.  A moderate W'ly blew all day, providing lift via hill, thermal and for some wave, but large areas of midlevel overcast deterred any significant cross country aspirations, although in the sunny areas, streets formed, providing off the clock lift at times and a cloud base of eventually around 5,000' asl from a start of around 3,000' asl.  The days 29 launches were split 17/12 between winching and ATing, with 20 of the day's flights  exceeding 30 minutes and 11 of these exceeding an hour, all bar one of the latter being by the 10 private owners who launched.  The exception was Dave Thompson who had 1:48 in the Discus, mainly using thermal and climbing to 5,100' asl and having the hightest peak average climb rate of the day, 5,3 kts.   The day's soaring potential was quickly established by Guy Harland/Neil Paveley in K21 KLW who had 57 minutes of the first flight of the day.  Some of the private owners spent their flights wave hunting, with many reporting finding transient wave that didn't turn into a significant climb. Excursions to the west and northwest of site were flown by Bob Calvert in his Discus 2ct, George Rowden in his LS8t-18, Bill Payton/Dave McKinney in Bill's DG1000t  and Fred Brown in his Ventus ct ,with the area between Pateley Bridge and Leyburn the most frequented.  However, the best wave  shoclimb was a modest one by Bob Calvert who ascended to 6,000' asl between Leyburn and Masham    Visitor Malcolm Gauld in his Ka6, on he other hand showed that wave was not the only way to high altitudes, doing a cloud climb to 9,500' asl just to the north of Thirsk and then climb in another Cumulus to 11,300' asl over Thirsk and providing the following photo after leaving the cloud.

Malcolm had earlier had a 1:23 flight from the 2nd winch launch of the day, utilising hill lift in the main bowl to maintain around 800' QFE.  This soaring option was also  utilised by Pat Fowler, another visitor from Strubby on both his 2 > an hour flights in his Astir, with one at the beginning of the day and the other at the end.


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