Sunday 11th June 2023

Posted: 12/06/2023 13:36

Sunday 11th.  The declining influence and movement of the high pressure led to the advection of a much warmer air mass from the Continent, so Saturday's maximum temperature of the year at RAF Leeming was easily exceeded, reaching 28.3C, as the light to moderate initially ENE'ly wind veered into the SE under cloudless skies.  The presence of a low inversion also led to a lack of any usable convective activity, so of the 14 ATs off runway 20, only one exceeded 30 minutes and only a further 3 were between 25-30 minutes.  The latter were all for 3 of the day's 6 First Flight pupils, with Fred Brown being the instructor in K21 KLW in each case.  The longest flight of 54 minutes by Steve Thompson/Gavin Bloice in KLW owed much to a very high tow rather than any convective activity, while Andy Tyas was the only solo pilot of the day, flying Astir DPO for 18 minutes. 

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